Initiated at La Bâtie, Festival de Genève, in 2013, and taking place at the FMAC (Fond Municipal d’Art Contemporain de la ville de Genève), Vertical Surround is a music and visual installation that immerges the visitors in a volumetric experience, pushing their limits of perception.

The visitor enters an empty space and, while wandering around, experiences the sound and light surrounding him.

The music is transmitted via an octophony (4 times stereo, from the ceiling to the ground) sound system and the light takes shape in the whole space.

Mimetic and SIGMASIX worked in close collaboration to create and synchronize both light and music and to produce a coherent experience. The intensity of the luminosity and the power of the music transports the visitor to new places, sometimes lost in the dark and very discreet sounds, sometimes disoriented by bright strobes and strong basses.

During the two weeks of its first presentation to the public, a wide range of people from all ages and social background had the opportunity to experience Vertical Surround.

Around 1000 visitors from school classes to art critics visited the installation and left the room with sparkles in their eyes and ears.

The different phases of the installation provide a special perception and intense emotions to all types of people. Some might dance, some might play with the light, some others might simply sit and dream.



La Bâtie, Festival de Genève, 2013


La Bâtie, Festival de Genève, 2013



Past dates


Le Zoo, Geneva, 2014

The Artists


Initiated in 2004 by Swiss artists Eric Morzier and Florian Pittet, SIGMASIX is an interaction design and new media art studio based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Florian and Eric started to collaborate on projects during their studies at the University of Art and Design in Lausanne (écal). Quickly they surrounded themselves with technicians, engineers, and artists to produce state of the art installations and scenography.

Their skills vary from animation and video to electronics, programming, and mechanics. Their ability to cross these skills allows SIGMASIX to stay at the cutting edge of art and technology. Today, the team is producing custom interactive installations for prestigious brands as well as art pieces for galleries and museums. Their commercial work includes scenography, museography, stage design and video mapping.

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Mimetic - otherwise known as Jerome Soudan - started his career as a drummer for the band Von Magnet before turning to the world of techno and far-out electronic excursions. His last productions, the album "Where We Will never go" or the EP "Where I will never go" are veritable depictions of his broad range of styles and influences, covering a large scale of electronic music styles, from crystal clear electronica, bass music, experimental with complex rhythms to techno. In the constant search for new sounds and acoustics, he works with sound spatialisation with quadriphonic or octophonic sound systems. In that research, he started to collaborate with the French «Groupe de Recherches Musicales» in Paris and organises the festival «Présences Electroniques» in Geneva using the Acousmonium sound system.

He is also a member of the collective Art Zoyd and is the main booker for the Electron Festival in Geneva.

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